About This Site

Fiscal Responsibility Statement
This site was produced and is made available to the citizens of Knight Township. As public stewards, the Knight Township Trustee’s Office believes in limiting administrative overhead costs to the absolute bare minimum so that we may maximize the resources we are able to provide for poor relief. This is accomplished through utilizing free resources to the greatest extent possible, and where none were available, accepting donated material.

Special Thanks
Knight Township wishes to thank Evansville photographers L. Kent Whitehead and Jesse Daniels for donating their time and talent to bring you the beautiful images of Evansville featured on this site.  Mr. Whitehead’s work has been featured nationally in such works as the L.A. Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, while Mr. Daniels ranks as one of Evansville’s premier wedding and event photographers.  To easily identify which photos are furnished courtesy of which artist, please click here.  You may reach L. Kent Whitehead and Jesse Daniels through their their respective websites.  Knight Township would also like to thank township resident Terry J. Record for volunteering his time and energy constructing this site.

Copyright Statement
Textual content, portraits of staff and elected officials, and the seal header logo of this site are copyright Knight Township of Vanderburgh County (“Township”), and use is permitted consistent with the State of Indiana’s Access to Public Records law. Any other use exceeding the scope of authorization permitted under Indiana Code § 5-14-3 or other relevant statute requires permission from the Township first.

Photographs of Evansville featured on this site are the property of their respective owners and are under copyright with all rights reserved.  Specifically, photographs bearing the term “whitehead” in their file name are the property of Mr. L. Kent Whitehead and those bearing the term “daniels” are the property of Mr. Jesse Daniels. Visual identification is available here. They are used with permission for use on KnightTownship.com only, and any other use is prohibited without authorization from the photographer. Please see the “Special Thanks” section above for information on how to contact these talented local artists.

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