Administrative Staff

Tony Goben – Chief Deputy

The Chief Deputy reports directly to the Trustee
andTony Goben is responsible for handling a variety of complex and confidential tasks and administrative details pertaining to the township’s finances, personnel/human resource administration, public interaction, and the overall operations of the Trustee’s Office. The Chief Deputy assists the Trustee in the matters of administration and the supervision of officers and employees of the Trustee’s Office in the conduct of its daily operations and functions, which are under the jurisdiction of the Trustee, as prescribed by all applicable governing laws, statutes, and ordinances. Performance of duties requires extensive knowledge of Township Assistance laws, legal constraints, agency activities, operations and services. The Chief Deputy is also responsible for planning, managing and evaluating all divisions of the trustee’s office. All of the township’s case managers report directly to the Chief Deputy for the coordination of duties and activities.

The Chief Deputy replaces the Trustee when the Trustee is out of the township and becomes acting trustee for civil and township assistance if a vacancy should occur between terms.

Shannon Armstead and Brooke Pate – Case Managers

Our Case Managers serve to guide applicants for Township assistance through every step of the approval process. This includes informing applicants of the forms of assistance the Township is able to provide as well as eligibility requirements, processing applications once complete, and following up with residents as necessary. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining thorough records of all applications received, both those approved as well as those ruled ineligible, in order to maintain accountability to the taxpayers they serve.

As the first and potentially only person many residents meet as they come into the office, in many ways they represent the everyday public face of Township Government. Through their dedication and efficiency, all applications for assistance are processed within 72 hours of being completely received. This ensures Knight Township residents receive much needed assistance in an expeditious manner while simultaneously preserving Township resources for the truly needy.


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